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About Paranormal Dick

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

I started an extremely ambitious project, why is it so ambitious? I’ve done pretty much all of it solo. I created a pilot presentation from scratch: wrote, cast, directed, acted, and edited.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on several projects that, unfortunately, never got off the ground or completed. I was getting tired of all this, I said f*@# it! I’m going to create something and finish it, maybe sell it... definitely sell it!

Production Journey: About
Production Journey: About

The Future of
Alex McCoy: Paranormal Dick

This project was meant to be a springboard, a “Look what I did with very little!”, the model for what the series could be with the right kind of backing. There is plenty more in store for Alex McCoy, with several colorful characters to meet and dark twists to come. A show like Alex McCoy: Paranormal Dick would fit in perfectly with the current market...

Here is the real pilot script,

Alex McCoy: Paranormal Dick

Ep101 "The Case Of That Damn File"

Production Journey: Welcome

Alex McCoy:
Paranormal Dick

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