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Meet The Cast of
Alex McCoy: Paranormal Dick

in order of appearance


Brynn Alexander

Detective Dana Dimitriadis

Brynn is an actress, yogi, filmmaker and a fine artist among other things. She was recently seen on Lucifer.

Philip Asta

Alex McCoy

Philip is a Jack-of-all-Artist, a teller of stories.


Josh Fenney

Thug #2: Theodore, a.k.a. Tiny

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer, musician, lyricist, fitness enthusiast, and is now trying his hand at acting. This brilliant, buff, brainy bro is here to make his mark as a memorable character, no matter how big or small.

Kevin Herrmann

Thug #1: Jonathan D

Kevin currently resides in Los Angeles and has recently appeared in the short film "Hooligans" and the comedic web series "Love & Other Ingredients." He was awarded a regional Emmy Award in 2011 for directing the short "Cult Status," and another in 2010 for performing in the sci-fi web series "Probed: Signals."

LA Casting_1134.jpg

Eric Geller

The Boss: not Bruce

Eric is an actor trapped in a middle aged white guys' body. Also moonlights as a high-school teacher, for the fun of it.

David Haverty

Detective David Batch

Actor * Filmmaker * Procrastinator
(not it that order)


Tiffany Asta-Roberts

Petra Keller

Originally from Oklahoma, Tiffany recently received her Masters in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Currently, by day she is a Property Manager and by night is the literary manager for 2Cents Theatre Group. She also does perform from time to time... like in this... She has finally gotten all the green out of her hair.

Francesca Manzi

Beatrice:  the girlfriend

Francesca is a British actress and VO Artist living in LA. Besides acting, she enjoys solo 80’s dance parties in her pjs, must look you straight in the eyes when cheers-ing (because we all know what happens if you don’t), and if you ask her to sign anything in blue pen instead of black, expect some pushback and perhaps a meltdown. Yay for quirks!


Micheal Shaw Fisher

Warren: a fairy

A man of many words... just not enough for a Bio!

Maurice Meredith


Think it, Speak it, Live it.

IG @MauriceMarvel

_C8A5233 Fs crop.jpeg

Carl Weintraub

Senator Graham Murdock

Carl Weintraub is the founding artistic director of We Tell Stories, live story-theatre for young audiences.

He can currently be seen in Crackle’s “Startup” and in Netflick’s limited series, “Best Worst Weekend Ever.” He also produces the bi-monthly storytelling event, “BackStory” at the Victory Theatre in Burbank. Check out the YouTube channel: 

Cast: Team Members
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